Why I Started…

Good morning, everyone! Hope last week treated you well and you’ve continued on your natural lifestyle journey. Today’s post is a special one to me. I am going to tell you my story and why I truly believe natural products are the only way to go to have a full and healthy body, mind, and earth.

Rewind to 2007… I was a sophomore in high school and consistently was sick, stressed, and bloated. Tag teaming my hefty weight was my 5 year struggle of horrific break outs under my arms (as you can imagine wearing tank tops, leotards, and swim suits were unbearable). To sprinkle on top of the hot mess I was, I was diagnosed with anxiety, severe panic attacks, and OCD about the same time. This ended up adding several medications into the mix.

Eventually, I was allergy tested. After the process we found out I’m allergic to wheat, dairy, egg, peanuts, berries with seeds on the outside (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries), and soy and a lot of outdoor things. The next grocery shopping trip all I can remember is sitting on the floor of the store crying with a bag of tortilla chips because they were all I could find to eat. Eventually we ended up starting to purchase the substituted packaged products for me to munch on & random ways to tweak certain recipes. In less then a month I lost roughly 10 pounds of water weight and my arms were slightly cleared up.

Throughout the next 7 years I spent my time always trying to find packaged and processed food that was “allergy free”. Then suddenly one night while watching some of the documentaries I previously shared in a post, I realized I was looking at it all wrong! Allergy free or not, less packaged and more produce. It didn’t matter if it was allergy related or not, the “extras” in those products were doing just as much harm to me, if not worse. Our bodies are not made to have all of these unnatural chemicals inside of us. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the food we eat, the products we put on our skin, or even the items that we hold our food in. Our body works hard to get those chemicals through our system as soon as possible while still trying to get the nutrients as well. Who even has time to worry about something like that?

Here is a pic from 2007 to 2017 

Well..here I am 10 years later, and I live by the motto “Natural or None”. Although I still have a bit of cushion for the pushing, I am healthy in much more than just a sense of working out and eating right. I now use all natural body and skin care, use as much essential oils over  the “over the counter” medication, and as much produce as possible with very little packaged items. I am excited to say that with the transition to natural deodorant, soaps, and detergents my underarms are completely clear. And although little hiccups with my anxiety and OCD occur, I have not had to take any medications in years. A firm foundation of yoga, meditation, essential oils, and a good strong prayer have made wonders mentally.

Now granted, I still do enjoy my Cliff bars, Enjoy Life snacks, and still purchase gluten free noodles and rice and that’s all fine and dandy. The key is when you are purchasing packaged items, buy sparingly and know the companies and their intentions with their food. Same when it comes to the items you put in and on your body. You may not feel like your body is suffering from what is in those crazy buy 5 for $20 deals but if you take them away and use natural products and then go back, you will see and feel the difference. You will see that you had been literally lotioning up with chemicals that shouldn’t or can’t soaked into your body so they lay there as a film on your skin, causing irritations and such.

My goal with this blog is to raise awareness of what we are putting into our bodies, on our bodies, and also the Earth. I am also here to show you some of the awesome companies I have had the pleasure of using on a day to day basis who have the same goal! If I can even help just one person feel better by what they eat/use or reduce a carbon footprint my heart is happy. Until next time..



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