Tasty Tea & Lemonade

Hey readers! Hope all is well and you are out enjoying this beautiful weather that has been given to us! Today’s post is a short and sweet little one (like me!).  I’m going to share my favorite go-to summer drink (besides water, of course!). I’ll also give several other ideas to switch up the flavors or to be able to get what you need from the tea you’re drinking. This drink is also great for parties and inexpensive to make in large quantities. So grab a glass, a book and head outside for awhile and enjoy! 

Tasty Tea & Lemonade


  • Natural tea of your choice (I prefer Yogi, Traditional Medicine, or others found at local Co Op)
  • Organic lemonade 
  • Water

How To (pretty self explanatory)

  • Fill the glass with ice and then about 3/4 of the way up with water
  • Then add a small amount of the lemonade (enough to get the taste but not the sugar and such)
  • Then put in your tea bag in to steep until your liking
  • Then enjoy!

I love Yogi’s energizing green tea Kombucha & blueberry slimming green tea with the lemonade. However there are many great ones that can be added. 

  • Trader Joe’s peach tea
  • Tazo Tea’s passion or green tea
  • Traditional Medicine’s weightless cranberry tea
  • And many more!

You are also able to find organic flavored lemonades like mango, strawberry, peach, ect to add more flavor! 


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