Flavorful Healthy Mexican Bowl

Being the foodie that I am, I am all about the flavor! Mexican food done right meets my foodie flavor needs. Today’s blog post is about a great FLAVORFUL dish I created. A delicious mixture of fresh vegetables, grains, and meat… what can be better? Eat up & enjoy!

Flavorful Healthy Mexican Bowl


  • Organic chicken, cooked and chunked
  • Spanish rice/ quinoa mix (Gluten Free)
  • Corn
  • Green bell pepper
  • Baby tomatoes
  • Salsa
  • Mild Sweet Pepper Rings
  • Yellow Onion

How To

  1. Before cooking the chicken, cut into chunks (also putting in the crock pot and then shredding is a great alternative)
  2. Cook the chicken on the stove top on medium heat until fully cooked. Add grape seed oil if needed so it will not stick.
  3. After the chicken is cooked, place in a bowl in order to add all other ingredients.
  4. Take fresh corn on the cob, or organic frozen/ canned corn if needed, and cook to liking. If on the cob, shave off desired amount, add to the chicken.
  5. Microwave or boil the Spanish rice/ quinoa mixture (mine found at Aldi’s, Target has as well), let cool for several minutes.
  6. While the mixture of rice and quinoa is cooking, cut the baby tomatoes in half and the yellow onion and both peppers in chunks. Add amount into the bowl of each to your liking.
  7. Once the rice/quinoa is cooked, add a suggested serving from the container into the mixture.
  8. Now that the you have the chicken and vegetables cut and mixed in with the rice/quinoa combination, add serving of organic salsa. * there are many to try, ones with fruit, beans, corn, etc… endless possibilities!*
  9. Once all mixed together serve with corn tortilla chips. Both warm and cold are delicious!

There are also several other healthy items you could add to the mixture to mix & match to make it to your liking, such as;

  • jalapeno
  • black beans
  • kidney beans
  • cheese
  • organic refried beans

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