Pain Pain Go Away!

Hey readers! Sorry for the long gap in between posts. A lot has been going on and it’s time carry on and positively move forward! This post is all about some great oils, rubbing sticks, and creams I use to quickly help the pains that come with every day life. From aches in your knees, a pain in your back, to a splitting migraine. Here are a couple tricks from someone who has tried it all and has finally found some effect products especially for on-the-go.

Natural Ways To Treat Migraines, Aches & Pains:

Migraines: I first hand can testify how horribly painful and debilitating migraines can be. As someone who has suffered with them for years I can testify that I NEVER leave the house without my oils and such that I know are going to help subside the pain. Migraines can be triggered by many things such as; stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, magnesium deficiencies, consumption of inflammatory foods (MSG , artificial sweeteners, unhealthy cooking oils, etc)

For some people just the right combination of natural remedies can be effective enough to treat it. However, some people, like myself, need a little bit more help from the doctors and pharmaceuticals. (I am a firm believer in attempting the natural and more holistic way first. However, sometimes you need to set aside your beliefs on medication and take it for the sake of your health).

Some easy ways to treat migraines:

  • ice
  • heat with lavender essential oil (helps relax the muscles)
  • rest/ sleep, if able
  • fish oil
  • magnesium (creams, capsule, or whatever you’d choose *be careful not to over supplement)
  • if nauseous, ginger is a great tool to help relieve that

When it comes to essential oils there are several different options you could do:

-some organic local co-ops, etc have pre-made migraine relief oil blends

– use a couple drops of lavender and a couple of peppermint and apply to the effected area

-purchase a skin stick

  • PERFECTLY POSH has a great one with peppermint, bees wax, shea butter, and several other things to help kick your migraine to the curb
  • BADGER BALM also has a great migraine aromatherapy stick which includes, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and sandalwood
  • Also check your local co-op & organic stores near you, they usually have a nice variety of natural skin sticks.

Aches & Pains: Those mornings you wake up and it seems like everything is sore and creaky. Normally you lean over and grab some ibuprofen or some pain reliever. NO MORE! Everyone has these normal aches and pains but they can easily be treated, even the long lasting/ troublesome ones can be able to have some relief naturally.


  • use a heating pad or a hot shower to help relieve the tension in the muscles
  • 2 drops of lavender, 2 drops of rosemary with 1 oz of carrier oil
  •  eucalyptus, wintergreen, cypress oils mixed unscented natural lotion or coconut oil
  • ARBONNE has a nice hydrating and cooling sea and botanical extract gele’ee that is great on achy knees, and ankles. The cooling effect helps relax and and revitalize.
  • BADGER BALM has a great sore muscle rub (comes in original as well as cooling blend, and a sore joint rub)
  • JĀSÖN®  has a cooling minerals & tea tree muscle pain therapy balm
  • PERFECTLY POSH has a wonderful hot pepper muscle stick & butter
  •  check your local co-op, natural store, or even online for essential oil pain relief rollers or mixes as well as Arnica oil or salve and magnesium cream. Apply on to sore area and rub in



  • peppermint, cypress, and ginger oils mixed with cayenne pepper and coconut oil
  •  lavender essential oil, Epsom salt (can make home made version or purchase them blended) to sit in and soak back while relaxing
  • depending on the pain, try using a heating pad to help relax the muscles and then ice later to help the neck/back. (consult doctor if is not relieving)


  • 10 drops of peppermint, 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salt and water (soak feet)
  • rubbing the pain relief essential oil blend that was shown up above onto the feet will help sooth the aches as well


** Using wooden massage tools and knobs will help with any of these issues to help relax the tense area.


I have not been endorsed by any of these businesses to write reviews. I simply enjoy these products & enjoy sharing with my readers. 



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