Breakfast Salad

Greetings from the beautiful & freezing Upper Peninsula! So I am super excited to share with you guys and gals an awesome breakfast recipe. I hate having boring breakfasts, they just make your day start with a blah! However, this recipe is PACKED with yumminess and is super good for you. It’s a recipe that is easily adjusted for food allergies and I will give some delicious additions and substitutes for it.

Breakfast Salad



  • spinach, or greens to your liking
  • carrots
  • mushrooms
  • quinoa
  • eggs
  • vinaigrette dressing (if desired)

How to:

  1. Begin to prep your egg(s). (I like to fry mine, attempting to leave a little of the yolk uncooked. Tastes so good on the salad!) No need for seasoning, it all tastes delicious without it!
  2. Before frying your egg(s) cut the vegetables that you desired and place them in a small pan with a dash of oil if needed.
  3. Fry your vegetables on the stove top on a medium-high until they are done to your liking. (I prefer still having a little crunch to them!)
  4. Then begin cooking your egg(s). While your egg(s) are cooking begin to prep the salad. Add your greens to the plate and then add some warm quinoa over, if desired.
  5. Once your egg(s) are fried, place them on top of the greens and quinoa. Then place your cooked veggies