Shopping & Storing Your Food “Green”

We care tremendously about what you’re putting in your cart & its benefits for your physical, mental and spiritual health. But what about what you’re taking those things home in? What you’re putting them in for your kids to pack for lunch? That is just as important! I know at times plastic bags are handy or you may forget your fabric ones, but PEOPLE!! By not using the plastic bags it will get rid of an insanely huge amount of waste! Reducing bag use in general can relieve pressure on landfills and waste management. And without regulating bags, they can have awful impacts to oceans, rivers, lakes and the wildlife that inhabit them.

In 2014, California became the first state to enact a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags at large retail stores. Places in Hawaii, North Carolina, and even District of Colombia have created bans or small fines to encourage people to not use them. Hopefully other states will continue with this movement & will encourage people to use reusable.

The goal is less waste & less toxins touching your products.  So how do you do that?  Well have no fear, this entry is all about showing you the best ways to go green while shopping for your food!

There are several ways to reduce the use of plastic bags.

  1. Bring fabric or reusable bags for your groceries or anytime you shop
  • May sound cliche but it is one of the easiest way to reduce when shopping. Some stores even give you 10 cents off for every bag you DONT use. How awesome!
  • You can purchase bags, or reuse old purses or beach bags. At the bottom I will give a how-to for making your own bags from old t shirts.

    2. Instead of using the endless rolls of plastic produce bags at the store purchase some reusable fabric ones from places such as Reuse It , Bagito , Chico Bag , your local co op grocery store and even Target has some.

    • They are a great way to store your fruit and vegetables without having them trapped in plastic. It allows the food to breathe and isn’t harmful. PLUS!

    3.  Another way to prevent waste is buying in bulk. Buying in bulk has less packaging. If possible bring containers, such as mason jars or reuse old jam jars to fill items from the bulk containers, such as rice, beans, and seeds.

    4. After your food is home and you begin to prep them for to-go meals I encourage you to look into fabric reusable bags. You can purchase adorable & affordable ones on Green Little Nest . They are an essential addition to your kitchen rather than spending countless money on plastic ones that get tossed. Also if not already doing so, look into purchasing glass containers rather than plastic tupperware. I won’t go into detail but there is plenty of information available that explains the benefits of glassware compared to the effects of plastics, especially when heated.

    Hopefully this information has been beneficial and encourages you and others to “think green” while dealing with your food from now on. Reuse & reduce. Until next time…

    How To Make A DIY Grocery  Bag

    1. Take an old, clean t-shirt and turn it inside out   
    2. Cut the sleeves & collar off at the seam   
    3. At the bottom of the shirt, cut small strips upwards (like if you have ever done a tie blanket)   
    4. Double knot the strip on the front & the back together  
    5. Turn back right side out and tadaa!  
    • if you want a sturdier bag and are a sewer, sewing the bottom of the bag together rather than tying it off would be a great way to secure it as well.
    • I also take scraps of the shirt and wrap it around the handle to make sturdier. 

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